Lorena Tortora

“I turn the photographic lens towards myself for the first time, in search of something which will break my procrastinations down. I look within myself for all the things I cannot find outside but the question remains the same: is anybody home? I look closely but I cannot see myself, I take refuge in the surfaces I would like to change; I dig deep within the folds of my skin, within the distant glances. The correct answers are nowhere to be found. In the meantime, we live at a proper distance from each other, as a means of keeping the virus and the chaos it generates at bay. We are all in this high-speed mixer together with our fear, pain, and confusion. We stand naked in our much-dreaded vulnerability. Sometimes it is easier just to let go, simply accept the conditions of our impermanence. It is more natural to allow events to manifest themselves freely, to flow independently like water in a river.”
Lorena Tortora lives and works in Milan, Italy. She holds a diploma of higher education in advertising graphics and a Masters in audio/video production from the European Institute of Design in Milan. Over the last few years, she has completed several photography courses under Giulia Bianchi and Sara Munari.

Lorena Tortora is a founder member with Gabriele Roveda of Arcenciel New – not just a business, but a passionate and on-going creative project applied to communication. As a professional photographer and freelance video maker Lorena also collaborates with Sìncrasi, an artistic laboratory conducted by Anna Bocchi. A good portion of her life is dominated by pixels, but painting, video and music are also an integral part of her essence. Over the last few years she has come back to her primordial passion: Photography.

Lorena’s photography is an important part of a very eclectic creative process which includes various other techniques like printing, collage, painting, video and many others. Photography may be the starting point, yet the digital and two-dimensional surface of an image is often just the beginning of a more elaborate concept.
“Beyond the place”, the journey, the drawing, the encounter – Collective exhibition of drawings, videos and photographs collected in 10 years of travel with the Sincrasi art workshop.

“Refugees” – Collective photographic exhibition at the Spazio Tadini House Museum in Milan.

Milan by images, the Fuorisalone” – Collective photographic exhibition at the Spazio Tadini House Museum in Milan.

“The rooms of the Goddess” – Photos, brochures and videos for Giorgio Radice’s personal exhibition at Straf Hotel Milano. Project curated by Art & the City with Serena Spinelli, Anna Bocchi and Sarah Mancino.

“Cities Exhibition” – Photographic collective of the Isp Experience project. Curated by Federicapaola Capecchi and Agata Petralia. Publication in Cities magazine, Fanzine dedicated to street photography, with Angelo Cucchetto and Graziano Perotti.

“Italian Liberty – The European dream of great beauty” – Publication of two images. Edited by Andrea Speziale, CartaCanta Editore.

“Behind the portrait” – Development and performance of self-portraits with the group of the Sincrasi art laboratory at Straf Hotel in Milan.

“Bonne nuit” – Animation video for the promotion of a collection of famous and folk lullabies (book + CD). Texts by Antonio Crepax, drawings by Guido Crepax and music by Guido Baiardi and many other great Italian jazz musicians.

“Pantelleria – Archeology, art, emotions” – Collective exhibitions in different spaces in Milan with the Sincrasi art laboratory.

“Light E-Motion” – Experimental animation video project with digital images.

“The age of age” – Minute video presented at the social solidarity video competition “La Maison en couleurs”.

“Eva’s debt” – For the AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL campaign “No more violence against women”, together with the group of women from the Sincrasi laboratory, she creates an awareness video.

“Formatemporis” – Produces a video (found and foutage) and participates in several video competitions including INVIDEO’s “Amici di INVIDEO”, an international exhibition of video art and cinema beyond, and is awarded the first prize.

Internship at Studio Azzurro – Participates in the creation of the installation / video “Mountain, art, science, myth” at the MART (Museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto).
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