Milanese Museums

There are many wondrous and eclectic art collections in Milan waiting to be re/discovered by residents and visitors alike. A dazzling mix of antique and modern which embraces all periods of Italian history and culture. Choose a guided tour from this selection of our favourites:

Ambrosiana Gallery and Library

A great treasure chest of knowledge and beauty which rests upon a small solemn piazza of stone, not too far from the Duomo but tucked away from the crowds.
A venerable institution founded in 1607 by one of the world’s greatest art patrons and connoisseurs: Cardinal Federico Borromeo, archbishop of Milan. His Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces (Botticelli, Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, Leonardo, Jan Breughel and many more!) fill the elegant halls of this veritable powerhouse of culture. An ancient library of great historical significance also awaits your perusal through priceless manuscripts and illuminating works from Virgil to Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus.

Poldi Pezzoli House Museum

The private and noble home of a sophisticated Milanese art collector from the tumultuous mid Nineteenth Century. A beautiful fusion of Renaissance painting, Venetian glass, ceramics, furniture, historical interior design for yours eyes to feast on and your soul to rejoice in. The palace dates to the 18th century but the enchantment is perennial-it is in the succession of rooms once lived in, in the creaking of the floorboards, the musical twinkling of the fountain and in the precious silence of this rarefied haven. Enjoy a slow appreciation of our “ten masterpiece tour” from Botticelli to Canaletto, from Etruscan jewellery to stained glass and all other intriguing artefacts from Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli’s Wunderkammer.

Brera Gallery

Milan’s historical picture gallery features an impressive array of beloved old master paintings which will delight even the most demanding art lover – Mantegna, Raphael, Piero della Francesca, Titian, Veronese, Rubens, Caravaggio and other virtuous representatives of European art. We shall choose the ‘crème de la crème’ and our guided stroll through the majestic rooms will be the perfect complement to a walking history of art course. Over the last few years this Institution has been subtly updated by new Director & museologist James M.Bradburne into a vibrant, user-friendly space with touches of modernity in both aesthetics and art historical communication.

Museo del Novecento / Museum of 20th century Italian Art

There is more to Italian Art than Leonardo and Michelangelo and if we want to see the “bigger picture” and understand the Italy of today we must encounter the wonderful artists who gave form and meaning to the 20th century. The city’s civic collection of Futurist, Geometric, Abstract, Magical-Realist, Conceptual and Kinetic Art is hosted in this sleek rationalist stone tower from the 30’s. An impressive feature of this building is the large glass wall in amorous dialogue with the past; a spectacular perspective of the Duomo’s marble spires and statues is within your grasp whilst the dynamic city rushes on beneath you.

Meditate silently within your tower of Art. Enjoy the bookstore and the elegant restaurant too! Marvel at Italo Rota’s elliptical staircase and… make a modern day of it all!

Museo Casa Boschi Di Stefano

The city features many “house museums” where it is possible to view the art collections within their original habitat and here the enlightened aura of the patrons may still be perceived clearly.

A beautiful 1930’s apartment building designed by Piero Portaluppi in the restrained Milanese Art Decò style is the location that awaits us. Here Mariedda di Stefano and her husband Antonio Boschi have planned a real cultural party where Carlo Carrà, Giorgio Morandi, Mario Sironi, Lucio Fontana, and Giorgio De Chirico are but a few of the Italian creatives we shall meet. Their metaphysical, surrealist and spatial expressions of great nobility and purity are a sweet solace for our jaded 21st century eyes. It has taken our loving hosts 50 years to plan this get – together… but now the period furniture is just right, the paintings cover the walls from floor to ceiling, the light streams just beautifully from the stained glass doors… I can almost hear the tinkling of the piano as we walk in. Whilst you are here, continue with a brief architectural tour of the nearby Liberty style neighbourhood or jazz it up with an evening cocktail Q&A!

Campari Gallery - Campari International Headquarters

The red nectar which beckons our senses from the brim of an Italian designer glass is NOT JUST AN APERITIF. The essence of Campari lies in its brilliant intuitions, in its bold demeanor and in the dynamic and joyful spirit of a company whose passion for culture has always been supreme. Art, Design and Communication are the vehicles through which this everlasting love story will be told.

Discover the beauty of an interactive multimedia gallery where the visual story of the brand is told through the brilliant artwork of Leonetto Cappiello, Bruno Munari, Fortunato Depero, Federico Fellini and many more Italian and International artistic innovators. Marvel at the contemporary site of the International Headquarters designed by Mario Botta and join us in celebrating the creativity fostered by Campari since 1860.

Mudec - Permanent collection


An eclectic display of ethnographic worlds from mechanical devils to Japanese warriors, African masks to armadillos.

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