Art Exhibitions

Each year the city of Milan hosts many temporary art exhibitions with a wide range of subjects and time periods.

This is a good opportunity to admire works from international collections, deepen your knowledge of a beloved theme or discover an entirely new domain in this wide and wonderful world of Art.

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Art Exhibition Tours 2022/2023

Crafting the best possible tour of an art exhibition really is our bread and butter!

Give us 90 minutes of your time and we will make the art works come alive with pertinent and enjoyable information, colour and context.

Our top 2 proposals are:

A joyous selection of works chosen in collaboration with the prestigious Israel Museum of Jerusalem will introduce the visitor to some of the most important themes in Chagall’s art. From the gravity defying love for his wife Bella and the picturesque folk customs of his hometown in Vitebsk, to Jewish traditions and Avant Garde revolutions, this show promises to indulge in many of the artist’s rich and colourful influences. The interesting documents and mesmerizing originals on offer will reveal an image-filled rainbow of East and West which greatly reflects the focus of this “Museum of Cultures”.

A long-awaited retrospective on the unique and highly inspiring work of Max Ernst (1891-1976), German born, French naturalized Dadaist and Surrealist extraordinaire. An artist/philosopher of the highest calibre, his vast experimentation in the field of frottage, collage, oscillation , free association and chance effects brought new life to Modernist techniques and influenced the important American Abstract Expressionist movement. The exhibition will showcase circa 200 pieces including paintings, sculptures, drawings, illustrated books, and jewellery from foundations, private collections, and museums such as: Tate London; Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice; Musei Vaticani, Rome; Beyeler Foundation, Basel; Max Ernst Museum, Brühl; and Centre Pompidou, Paris. Charismatic and surprising works which greatly contributed to a revolutionary change in the artistic thought process.A must see!

Exhibition Reviews / “La criticona”

Personal thoughts on a selection of other current shows we may or may not recommend.

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