Two different categories of Workshops designed for those who want to pursue a friendly dialogue with the history of Art and get in touch with their own creativity!

Art Historian Serena Spinelli and Artist Anna Bocchi will introduce you to the pleasures of observing, exploring, and interpreting the work of modern artists by applying your own personality to the creative game.
Ages: 15 and up – Also suitable for Team building and/or creative therapy
No previous experience or knowledge required.

“ART AT PLAY” / Opere in Gioco

A trilogy of workshops on the styles and techniques of Modern Art. An artful mix of intellectual engagement and experimental interaction with many of the most revolutionary and unconventional expressions of the Twentieth century.
1. Polimaterismo / Mixed Media in Modern Art

2. Dada, chance occurrences and the 7 days of Creation

3. Abstract Expressionism and the Unconscious as Muse
Each workshop is composed of 2 parts:
an illustrated art historical narration and a creative, hands -on participation.

“The 4 Elements”

An imaginative set of encounters dedicated to the 4 elements in Art and Life. Each element inspires a free-flowing visual narration where Art is often combined with music to illustrate the manifold aspects of this artistic meditation. Each presentation is followed by an interactive moment in unison with the chosen element.
From the inexhaustible lucid fantasy of Flemish Art to the material combustions of Burri, this image filled tale will alternate between melodies, personal thoughts, and hot stove creations.
An array of beautifully seductive images, from the elegance of Botticelli to the magic surrealism of Magritte and the diaphanous draperies of Loie Fuller. Inhaling Imagination, exhaling flowing bodily movement and ethereal expressions.
From the fountain of youth to the great wave of Hokusai a story of water in the art of all ages. Yet, all superfluous thoughts will melt away in the soothing fragrance of the sophisticated art of tea.
Explore the various interpretations of this element according to the sensitivities of Arcimboldo, Van Gogh, Rossetti, Duchamps and many others. A rich cornucopia of suggestions which will culminate in a guided tactile tour in clay.
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