Art Narration

“Once upon a time, as the troubled moon glowed softly through the Japanese forest, the Lady of Shalott would forsake her medieval loom to make eyes at a blind Modigliani whilst a scheming Pope conjured a cosmic revolution with the sacred stone of Michelangelo.”

Art narration on site

The more conventional term for what I am offering here would be “Art lecture”. But why take an exciting subject like the history of art and make it overly formal and dry?

Art is a wonderful never-ending story about the real and imagined world of human expression. So, when you choose to travel through Renaissance Italy, Surrealist France, or 18th cent Japan you will always discover a boundless picture book of creative symbols waiting to shed light on past, present and future.

Whether it’s in a classroom, conference hall, theatre, or private living room the art historian before you will approach the subject as a narrator would. The goal is to go beyond the surface of beauty, read within the artistic movement, entertain your mind, engage your heart.

There are many chapters to choose from, so if you are weary of our contemporary world’s superficiality and would like to indulge in serious art appreciation enjoyment, let the Art narration begin.
> Leonardo & Michelangelo: a question of Genius – Part I & I

> Florence: The Art Lover’s Gaze> The Venetian School; colour and emotion

> The Venetian Mainland – Verona, Treviso, Feltre – Part I & II

> The Passionate Baroque

> Rome: an unconventional Tour of La Grande Bellezza – Part I & II
> Klimt and Schiele; from the Vienna Secession to the First World War

> Modigliani, portraits of the soul

> Dada, the craziest art school in history

> Picasso, the steppingstone of Twentieth century Art

> Futurism; the second Italian Renaissance

> The Unconscious as Muse; De Chirico, Magritte and Dalì

> American Art 1940-1955; the new frontier

> Pop, Optical and Minimal

> Angels and Demons – Haring vs Basquiat
> Symbolism-Painting the Invisible

> Art Nouveau and the spirit of the Belle Epoque

> The Eye of the Beholder – An introduction to Photography

> Art Deco, the Great Gatsby Years

> From Forks to Skyscrapers: An introduction to Design

> Introduction to Italian Design

> Campari & Art: The Love story

> Love in the Avant-Garde- women side by side

> 3 essential clues to Contemporary Art
> Africa and Oceania: Primitivism in the art of the Avant Garde

> Introduction to Islamic Art

> Japanese Art of the Floating World

> The British Pre-Raphaelites;an ode to Beauty

> The Eden of Provence and the Post Impressionists

> Painting Canada: Emily Carr & the Group of Seven

> Mc Curry, Salgado and the Farthest corners of the World
Extracts from "Enchanted Museums"- Part I: Ambrosiana
Extracts from "Anselm Keifer: Chaos to Creation"

Art narration online

Most Art and the City narrations are also available from remote but here below is a list of presentations which have specifically been crafted for maximum online enjoyment and webinar suitability:
Brera, Ambrosiana & Poldi Pezzoli – A three-part series devised during the 2020 pandemic lockdown as a free flowing meditation on select works from the Best Milanese Museums.
A personal reverie in 5 works of Art from Canada to Japan.
A selection of favourite art, architecture and events from the Lombard metropolis.
Sliding the creative doors between the symbolist Max Klinger and the surrealist Max Ernst- From the Belle Epoque to the Second world war, two elegant and perceptive protagonists of XXth Century culture.
The word/concept “Bauhaus” has contributed to the definition of our contemporary Design aesthetic. But it all began in Germany, with a very special community of artists and philosophers…
“From chaos to creation” – An introduction to the seminal work of Anselm Keifer
Six small pomegranate seeds passed from her rosy lips …and Proserpine was banished to the Underworld for six months of the year. In Art, the myth of Proserpine has travelled from the Renaissance to the Victorian age, from Greek art to Stravinsky and beyond.
The story of a family, their love affair with art, design and communication; the boundless inspiration of the red nectar, the cultural values of a historic Italian brand.
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