Jazz it up

Care to make it interesting?

If you would like to prolong the Art and the City experience or simply add a few twists to your tour check out these four entertaining extras!


We all relish a nice drink after an exciting exhibition or a good museum – a way to extend the pleasures of the artistic experience, discuss its salient moments amongst friends in a relaxed atmosphere. We have many locations to suggest within walking distance of each venue and you can take your private Guide with you! Change your perspective and continue to “talk art” with our experts while you linger on the favourite nectar of the Gods or feast on a delicious Milanese Cocktail…


You are interested in Art and you certainly don’t want to miss out on some of the city’s best museums. However, this is Milan after all…fashion is a household name! Why not do a bit of both?

Let us team you up with an art historian AND a personal shopper! Pick your fancy and set your budget; whether it’s avant-garde or mainstream, designer boutique or shopping mall, we will gladly guide you through the city’s best shops and help you find your true colours.


Art & the City offers the opportunity of hiring your own private professional photographer to jazz up your experience. He or she will accompany you on your tour and capture all the best moments with elegance and expertise. After a museum narration or during a historic walk, the city will also be a perfect setting for a little modelling fun.


I believe the element of surprise is an integral part of an aesthetic experience.

To surprise is to create emotion.

However, sometimes we allow practical and intellectual preoccupations to deprive us of this genuine experience…we plan everything to the smallest detail, over prepare and hoard enormous amounts of information before we even set eyes on the object of desire.

We propose you leave all the organizing and research to us – allow us to set you up on a real “blind date” with Art & the City! However, if you play this game you won’t know “what” or “where” until you get there and drop your blind fold…
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