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A unique labour of love invented by an international art historian living in Milan.

Milan is the Italian metropolis well known to the world at large for fashion, design, and a strong enterprising spirit. It is also home to a vast array of unexpected cultural treasures and sophisticated nooks of beauty.
Art and the City curates unique experiences for the local and international communities in Milan and surrounding areas. It is designed to be a small haven for English-speaking residents and fleeting visitors alike who wish to discover the city’s artistic heritage, deepen their art historical insight, or simply harness a creative sensitivity and feed the soul. A whole “city” of options awaits.
For example, if you are looking to explore the artistic side of Milan you will find our favourite haunts in “Art Lover Tours.” We craft private tours with a limited number of participants to give you an intimate and in-depth quality experience. Whereas if your desire is to engage with the history of art and experiment its many facets then “Art Experience” will provide some inventive food for thought. “Art Narrations” of all kinds are also available online and therefore wonderfully free of geographic confines.

About me

I was born in Rome to a family of art lovers and diplomats who travelled all over the world. I had the great privilege of being educated in France, Ireland, Belgium, and Italy. I went on to receive my undergraduate degree from the University of Carleton in Canada, and a Master’s in advanced Art-Historical Studies from the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. Each country has been a marvellous opportunity to see, learn and interact with a variety of local cultures. Through the vehicle of the History of Art my “slow” acquaintance with each unique habitat has been enriched with image and expression.

But the city of Milan is where I have come to practice my passions and understand how a single true work of art can connect us to a world of meaning.

Indeed, I have spent the last 20 years of my life in Northern Italy guiding visitors of all ages and interests within museums and international exhibitions as well as organizing cultural trips and events, writing, conducting lectures and performances, and devising new routes for the appreciation of Art. Part of my philosophy involves facilitating the viewer’s connection to Art through multiple portals of communication; the written word is an important feature of this process. Thus, if you are an artist looking for a curator/biographer or a gallery looking for an art historical mediator Art and the City may also be the right fit for you. (See “Art Writing” and “Art Gallery”.)

Finally, my antennas are always poised towards contemporary artists, cultural institutions and individuals worldwide wishing to generate a deeper sense of curiosity and understanding for the wonderful realm of Art. Whether you live in Milan, are simply passing through or want to connect from the other side of the globe, Art and the City will be an opportunity to share an enjoyable cultural encounter and enhance our mutual sense of beauty through observation, curiosity, intuition, and the spirit of intellectual adventure.
Serena Spinelli

Founder of “Art and the City”

Joyful Collaborations

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